From Fountain to Texture: Making of a texture II

Hello all,

I thought it is about time to give another insight into my texture creating process.
But let me start with a picture that I used this texture on:

Wild Coast La Palma

 Creating Misty Fountain Texture

It is one texture from the Spring Release Pack

It is based on  a shaky long exposure shot of a fountain I took a few years back. It wasn't really anything special:

I really liked the texture of the water and the colours and when I came across it recently, I decided to give it a try and started creating a texture.

First i had to ge rid of the dark parts of the construction, so I loaded the picture into Photoshop and began replacing these parts using the clone stamp and other tools until I got this:

Next thing was to do something about the colours and trying to get a more balanced structure. I decided to duplicate the layer and rotate it by 180°. With a opacity of 50% I got this:

Now I wanted to try to get a more uniform coloring. I thought using a colour gradient overlay might be the right choice. I chose something from yellow to brown and played around with different angles and types of settings and got this:

I made the top part of the texture lighter by adding a white gradient and took two different textures that I used to further refine the texture and the light. A dark photo of slate stone helped to add a vertical structure.

Although I liked the outcome, I thought a texture based on a fountain ought to have a colour that reminds people of actual water. I added a Selective Colour layer and began manipulating the colours - less red and yellow and mor cyan and blue. The colours now were to my liking. I made the whole thing a bit lighter and tweaked the blue a and yellow a bit and got my final texture:

Misty Fountain

This is what the actual layers in Photoshop look like:

I also used the texture on the following pictures, but I also used other textures from my various packs...

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Hope you found this interesting & thanks for reading!


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