Color Krazy + Freebie


last week I have finished a soon to be released sequel to my Spring Texture Pack. You already saw some pictures, that I processed with these, if you know my work from Flickr, 500px, Facebook Page or Google+.

But bef0re I release these there is an update of 10 textures to the Build Your Own Texture Pack.

Last Saturday we had a cold and rainy day, so I browsed through my pics and came across some colourful abstract, that I had completly forgotten about.

I found the colours so appealing, that I started playing around with this file and created 10 very colourful textures that I added to my

Build Your Own Texture Pack.

Here they are:

10 colors textures
Get this 10 colorful textures for only € 9,90 ! 
Dimensions are 4000 x 4000 pixel.

I did a quick processing using wo of the textures on a foggy forest scene:


So it is also time for a free colourful texture, you can download it from my Flickr account here:


Color Freebie

Hope you like this one and are inspired to use it!!


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