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underexposure & technical evolution

Hi, only a short post.
 I am always amazed to learn how much one can do with with todays processing software. You should never delete "too dark" underexposed picture. It is incredible how much detail & color can be salvaged with the help of Lightroon, GIMP and Photoshop (these are the ones I use). Nobody can say what more can be done with software in a few years from now!

Furthermore you can alter and change the mood and look of an image considerably with the help of textures!

Here is an eye-opening before & after:

I used some of my textures from my build-your-own-texture and a texture from the wonderful  DistressedJewell that you can find here: Free Textures.

Next I will post something on sculpting light with textures!!

Black and White Photos and texture use

today I want to share some examples concerning the use of textures on b&w / monochrome photos. It is my impression, that textures are less used on monochrome and especially black and white photos. Often I find myself reluctant to use a texture after I converted a color shot into b&w.
There are really awesome photographeres who only shoot/show b&w photos and I really admire their work. And almost noone uses a texture with them.
I never shoot in b&w, all my works are conversions into B&W of colour shots that I did either in Lightroom or in Photoshop.

I think I approach texturizing a b&w shot more reluctant, because I became aware that textures can overwhelm a b&w shot more easily than a colour photo. Still I think it is worthwhile playing around with textures and monochrome shots as well. I think I generally tend to use them more subtle.


This picture called for a more heavier use of texture. I first did the colored version, but thought the moo…