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New Textures in the Pack & a Wednesday Freebie!

Hi, I have just added 10 new textures to the Pick your own Pack. Most of them are kind of winter inspired, so there are a lot of blue tones to see.
Of course, they are not only suitable for snowy & wintry sceneries, but also work quite well with other subjects ;-)

These are the new textures:

Build Your Own Texture Pack
The new textures are at the end of the gallery.


I already used them in some of my last pictures, here are some examples:

In this I used Winter Ice Melt & Metal and Stone from the Pack.
As you can see, there was a lot of clone stamping and manipulation  involved.
The original picture was already very bluish, because of the hard midday sun and the deep blue sky. The first texture gave the foreground a deeper more sea like blue tone. The two layers of Winter Ice Melt helped to light up the middle and the sky as well as it textured the sky.
The sky got more of the actual texture, because of the layer mask I used.

I didn't like the blues after the addition…

Before & After Mouseover


I finally figured out how to do these cool mouseovers in Blogger, that show you these wonderful before & afters.
So I thought I choose a picture, that has been thoroughly altered and processed by me.
I took it at the end of a short cruise through a very stormy and angry Atlantic on the island of Porto Santo. This island is in the neighborhood of Madeira, Portugal.

Please let me get away with not explaining in detail how I did it!.

Here's the picture (actually it's an after and before ;-)):

You can imagine it was quite some worrk, but in my opinion it was worth while. In the coming days there will be another free texture and a new tutorial as well ( I hope time permits!) Have a great weekend!

Please check out my Build your own Texture Pack

Thank you!