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Making of 11th month

Recently I kind of re-discovered my own Build Your Own Texture Pack and actually used some textures, that I had forgotten about.
Today's picture is once again some very moody autumn shot taken a few years back on a foggy November morning.
I am still waiting for similar weather, but "unfortunately" this year's November didn't offer these weather conditions over here....

Let's start with the finished image. Mouseover will reveal the picture that I imported in Photoshop.

Processing in Lightroom
I started with this RAW photo:

First I treated the exposure. I aimed at making it brighter avoiding to blow out the already light fog while retaining the soft silhouettes of the forest in the  background.  Then I wanted a different mood. I initially had a much colder atmosphere in mind, so I  initially went for a more bluish tone in the fog which I achieved with a colour temperature around 5000K.

This version didn't work for me, so I went in the opposite directi…