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Summer Promotion & Free texture Wednesday IX

Hello all - 
I'd like to start the summer with a discount on all of my texture packs.
Get a  15% discount with every purchase - you only have to type in the coupon code:
summer low
at the check out!

Build Your Own Texture Pack
Soft Grunge Texture Pack
Spring Release Pack
Summer Haze Pack
Medium Sized Textures

*minimum purchase to benefit from the discount is 5 € ! Promotion expires on July 31, 2013!

Free Texture: I must admit, that I havn't applied this one on any of my photos as yet - will try it soon...

Thanks! Dirk

Creating a texture - Part III

today I have another suggestion for you concerning the creation of textures.
Lately I enjoy combining different textures I shot and trying to make something unique and new.

This is what I created:

the Start

I'd like to show you the main principle of my technique that I applied here:

1. take a texture with a fine structure

2. take a texture with a  rather grungy structure

 3. something that you wouldn't normally associate with a texture

In this case I chose a picture of some pastel colored roses. I cut them out and placed them on one of the layers in Photoshop. I copied them over and over and arranged and positioned them until I liked the result. Here is what I started with:

Combining the pictures in Photoshop

As always its the easiest to show you the PS-layers:

I simply stopped after these four layers, because more wasn't neede to show the main principle.

Normally I go on adding layers of different textures, use PS-filters on some of the layers, add a layer mask and e…

Workflow - Vanishing World

Hello all -
today another insight into my workflow regarding foggy landscapes. The picture I chose dates back a few years and was taken on a very misty November morning.  I will show you how I

1. processed this in Lightroom
2. treated it in Photoshop

Before+after: Please move mouse over this picture!


OK, this morning I came across this picture. Apart from being rather dull and overexposed  at first glance, I thought that it had some potential, that I wanted to bring to shine...

There isn't really much to see and it was clear from the start, that I had to later crop it, meaning to change into a square format.
Regardless, I started working on the uncropped picture.
Most of the time I use presets in Lightroom  - either the ones I developed myself over time or I use some of the various free ones, that you can find on the internet.
If I like the tones I then start manipulating the contrast, sharpness and all other features that need correcting in my opinion. I also cropped the…