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Making of - the silence of the birds

Hello, has it really been over a month since my last post!?
I had the pleasur to visit some friends in Italy and I also had a lot to do, so there wasn't any time to squeeze in a blog post....

Anyway, today I wanted to give you another making of an image I processed a few days ago.

Let me start with a before/after picture:

Processing in Lightroom

I think it s best to show the unprocessed raw file to  give you an idea what I did in Lightroom.

I updated my old version 3.6. of Lightroom to the new 5.0 and I must say it really was worth the money. First I updated this older file to the new process version 2012 which gives you much finer means to process your raw-file.  I then copied the settings of a similar picture that I had processed before, inserted them and made a few colour and light adjustments.
To set the colour mood I used the toning tool, I used a yellow-green for the lights and an almost violet tone for the shadows.
Tthe new radial filter is really useful to enhance parts of …