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Seasons Greetings

Picture of a christmas tree on our Christmas market -  The man doing the handstand is actually a sculpture by Belgian artist Guillaume Bijl
Have a great time & thanks very much for all your support over the past year!!
See you in 2013!

Gentle Snowfall Overlay Freebie & how to apply it

Last post before Xmas,

over here we had our first taste of snow last week. At the moment it's back to normal, meaning rainy weather and roughly 5°C - 10°C...
I had the chance to take some wonderful winter landscapes in the sun and also shot while it was snowing quite heavily.
Still had no time to process some of these shots....

I thought it is about time for another freebie, so I made a snowfall overlay that is quite easy to use.
It looks like this:

Aus Free textures


How do I use this?  Overlays like the one above work best with blending modes like
- Screen - Lighten - Color Dodge
In these modes the  color black doesn't have any effect and only the light/white parts show up in your picture. 
Just play around and see what works best with your picture.

Recently I used this overlay on my picture 4 colors of winter. Please move over the picture to see a before/after of this picture. I also used two other textures tht you'll find here: Canvas Sprinkle and here: Cold Steel Both a…