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Making OF: A Color Dream

Hi there,
I have been very busy working for clients over the past weeks, sadly I couldn't manage to write a new post because of that. But the job qualifies for a series of posts, but it is too early to say anything about it.

Today I wanted to demonstrate how you can colourize a picture with the use of (in this case) only three textures and of course with the aid of Photoshop.

Before/After view:

There is a lot of playing around involved if one tries to get a colourful picture with the help of textures. First you need suitable textures, primarily of strong colours that fit your subject and your taste and vision. With the picture in question I first made a selection of textures I liked and whose colours and textures/structures hopefully go well together.

I thought that because of the rather white foggy parts of the picture it would be easier to colorize the image.

I all depends on the blend modes one chooses.

I wanted to have a strong contrasting green against the red autumn leav…