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Night Shadows - Layer by Layer

I made short video showing a layer by layer development and turned day into night...

first the final image

and here is the video

I used some of my textures and enhanced the mist with some more fog using some of my

Cloud & Fog Brushes
Texture packs on my homepage are still 25% off with code CYBER 18 until November 30, 2018
Thanks for watching! Dirk

Making of Forest Walk

today I want to share how I processed an image that turned out to be quite nice, but on a second  look felt not good regarding its composition.

Here is the result that I like, but somehow knew wouldn't work

The Processing

I used one of my Lightroom presets to do the basic processing. I usually tweak this preset to adapt it to the image.

From here:

to here:

I decided to apply what is called "Orton-effect" to gat a dreamy soft glow. You can fin my tutorial on this here--> How to create the Orton Effect
I liked the overall tones and chose only to add two textures to achieve a subtle canvas texture

Take a look at the texture WHITEWALLS  and FLUTTER on my site.

Though I liked the processing, I wasn't satisfied with the image as a whole. Yesterday I came up with two different crops. Thus making two images out of one.
1. the one with the path as leading line

and 2. the part on the left, where the light is breaking through

What do you think? Do you sometimes face si…

New Cloud and Fog Brushes

just wanted to tell you, that I have created a set of 40 Cloud and Fog brushes. They are available in my Creative Market shop here:

Cloud and Fog Brushes

Fill your skies with high resolution clouds or add subtle mist and fog to your landscapes.


If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you,

Lost Robin & Big Texture Pack

the other day I was suddenly disturbed by a soft bang on the pane of my terrace door and I found a little bird sitting on my floor. The little creature ( a robin) was obviously dazed and didn't move, but started flying around when I approached it trying to get it out of my apartment without causing further harm. It decided to hide behind one of my loudspeakers. I lured it out of hiding with some bread crumbs and after flying around in my room, stopping here and there it finally found its way out again. The image you see was taken on one of its stops.

The original of this image wasn't particularly interesting and the empty space of the wall and part of the door frame were destined to be treated with textures.

Some time ago I collaborated with app developers and contributed roughly 100 textures to their app called Stackables but I also decided to make these textures available for desktops as well.
I used three of these textures to process this image.


The door f…

Making Silent Running

Hello all,
today I'd wanted to show you how I did the image "Silent Running".

As so often with my images this is a misty autumn scenery with tree silhouettes and birds and myself running. Birds and the image of myself I added in post.

I used three of my textures that are included in the Vintage Summer Grunge pack.

If one uses grungy textures with strong features, one has to be careful not to over power the image, therefore some more less advanced techniques come into play.

I want to point out a techniques that I applied while processing this image. It is the advanced blending Blend if 

Before/After video


Blend if - the use of the advanced blend mode "Blend if" is indicated by the two overlapping squares on the right side of the panel. 
The texture Downing I used on this layer is a very strong texture, that was overpowering the subtle fog parts of my image, so I thought that I had to reduce the effect and decided to use "blend if". How …

New Vintage Grunge Textures and Summer 18 Promotion


I have just released a new package of grunge textures that come with a big 25% discount on all my textures and texture packs.

For a closer look at the individual textures go Vintage Summer Grunge Pack

In case you are interested in purchasing any of my texture packs you can benefit from a

25% discount
until Friday July, 6, 2018 by using the code

at the check out.

I have applied two of the textures on the following image. Please move your mouse over the image to see a before/after effect. Please check out the screenshot of the PS layers for more information.

To lessen the effect of the silver blue texture on the light misty part, I have applied a layer mask and  painted with a soft brush at 50% opacity until I was satisfied with the result. To achieve the grunge texture effect in the dark parts I used the second texture in blend mode Luminosity, that way I got the structure without altering the tones of the image.  Finally I had to correct the contrast with a Curves layer.

New Texture Pack : Vintage Film and Photography II

Hi everybody,

I've just finished and completed a new pack of textures, that were a long time in the making

It is the second part of my Vintage Film and Photography collection

This time you get 30 handmade textures and overlays reminiscent of old vintage glass negatives / tin types and emulsion plates. Once again, I hope you will find, that I caught the essence of this quite well. 

The textures and available on my site here:

Vintage Film And Photography II
30 textures are 18,90 € (+ 7% VAT within the EU)

You can purchase them for US$ 23,90 also in my Creative Market store here:
Vintage Film and Photography II on Creative Market

How do images look like when processed with these textures?
Have a look:

Or turning day into night with the help of two textures in this image: 

I processed this with these two textures:

Timeline Videos of my work with Layers


recently I started making short Videos of my work to show their evolution until the final image layer by layer in Photoshop. Here are the first two of them

1. Other Worlds

2. Surrender to the Night

Hope you like them. If you have any questions, please comment or shoot me a message.
Thanks for watching!

Abstract Skies II & how to use them

ever wondered how to add some painterly clouds and textures to an dull monochrome sky?
Use textures that feature subtle cloud structures!
I made 12 textures, that have clouds in them and I used them in the following images:

As you can see in the before images one obviously needs skies with a lot of negative space to fill. So these are either clear blue cloudless skies or skies overcast with indifferent clouds.
Erasing parts of the texture with a soft brush on a layer mask is always a good way to get rid of parts, that you don't want to have a texture on.

Apart from using the MULTIPLY blend mode I also often use the texture in NORMAL mode and create a soft transition between the landscape and the sky by applying a gradient on a layer mask, like I used on Dangerous Waters.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me.

These textures are available on my site here:

You'll get 12 large sized textures for 8,90 €

Or you can head over to my CreativeMar…