New Texture Pack : Vintage Film and Photography II

Hi everybody,

I've just finished and completed a new pack of textures, that were a long time in the making

It is the second part of my Vintage Film and Photography collection

Vintage Film and Photography II

Preview Textures

This time you get 30 handmade textures and overlays reminiscent of old vintage glass negatives / tin types and emulsion plates. Once again, I hope you will find, that I caught the essence of this quite well. 

The textures and available on my site here:

30 textures are 18,90 € (+ 7% VAT within the EU)

You can purchase them for US$ 23,90 also in my Creative Market store here:

How do images look like when processed with these textures?

Have a look:

Bare Trees

Or turning day into night with the help of two textures in this image: 

Violet Night Trees

I processed this with these two textures:

accumulated dirt

Violet Nebula

1 layer Violet Nebula 100% Multiply
2 layer Accumulated Dirt 77% Overlay
3 layer Curves adjustment +light and a bit more contrast

Thanks very much!

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