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Update 2019 - Simple texture use tutorial

I am back with a very simple tutorial for all you beginners just starting to work with textures.

I chose a portrait of a horse to make some essentials clear.

1st -  its best to take a photo, that has some negative space around your subject, in this case the snowy and misty background. This brings out the quality of the texture and you also avoid the texture spoiling the images's own texture.

2nd - chose one or two textures that complement the colours of your image and that have a rather fine structure. Otherwise it might easily overpower the soft background.

3rd - if you are not satisfied with your choice keep trying other textures and settings! E.g. go through different blend modes & shift the position of your textures.

Before and after comparison - please move your mouse over the image

As you can see I have chosen two textures from my Vintage Film & Photography Pack
Here's a closer look at the two textures:

As usual, here's also a screenshot of the layers …