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Night Shadows - Layer by Layer

I made short video showing a layer by layer development and turned day into night...

first the final image

and here is the video

I used some of my textures and enhanced the mist with some more fog using some of my

Cloud & Fog Brushes
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Thanks for watching! Dirk

Making of Forest Walk

today I want to share how I processed an image that turned out to be quite nice, but on a second  look felt not good regarding its composition.

Here is the result that I like, but somehow knew wouldn't work

The Processing

I used one of my Lightroom presets to do the basic processing. I usually tweak this preset to adapt it to the image.

From here:

to here:

I decided to apply what is called "Orton-effect" to gat a dreamy soft glow. You can fin my tutorial on this here--> How to create the Orton Effect
I liked the overall tones and chose only to add two textures to achieve a subtle canvas texture

Take a look at the texture WHITEWALLS  and FLUTTER on my site.

Though I liked the processing, I wasn't satisfied with the image as a whole. Yesterday I came up with two different crops. Thus making two images out of one.
1. the one with the path as leading line

and 2. the part on the left, where the light is breaking through

What do you think? Do you sometimes face si…