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Night Shadows - Layer by Layer

I made short video showing a layer by layer development and turned day into night...

first the final image

and here is the video

I used some of my textures and enhanced the mist with some more fog using some of my

Cloud & Fog Brushes
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Thanks for watching! Dirk

Making of Forest Walk - Applying textures and adding a glow effect - Update 2019

today I want to share how I processed an image that turned out to be quite nice, but on a second  look felt not good regarding its composition.

Here is the result that I like, but somehow knew wouldn't work

The Processing

I used one of my Lightroom presets to do the basic processing. I usually tweak this preset to adapt it to the image.

I decided to apply what is called the  "Orton-effect" to get a dreamy soft glow. You can find my tutorial on this technique here--> How to create the Orton Effect However I am going to introduce a variation on this technique, that works equally well. Instead of over exposing a copy of the original I set a copy of the image to 50% Screen, that brightened the image while still keeping the Orton glow. With an original size of 6000px x 4000px a gaussian Blur setting of 60 to 90px is necessary to achieve the effect. I settled at 75px. Please take a look at the Layers copy.

Orton effect - before/after  - please move over the image to s…