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Free Textures

I uploaded three more textures, that you can download from my Picasa Free Texture - Album.

Here they are:

Aus Free texture 2.
Aus Free texture 3.
 Aus Free texture You are free to use them in your personal and commercial art works. But please don't sell them as they are! Next: Texturizing tips for beginners.... Thanks & have a great weekend!

Texturizing nEgative SpAce

I am finally back with a new post about negative space and what opportunities it offers when it comes to using textures.
This term had no meaning to me until eventually some people used it in their comments when responding to pictures I posted on Flickr.
I had only a vague idea about its meaning, but a few weeks ago I began searching for this term and was stunned how many interesting articles and texts there are on this compositional concept.

Move your mouse over the pictures to see the before and after images!

In the above shot the texture use in the fog section is echoing the trees twigs.

What does Negative Space mean?
It is not limited to photography but does apply to art in general.  Wikipedia defines it as " the space around and between the subject (s) of an image".  I don't want to delve into this concept too deeply, if you search for it, you will find heaps of articles on this topic. 
In general you can either use this space to draw attention to the subject …