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Enhancing Fog, Moods and Atmospheres with Textures

with September already on its way and autumn & winter approaching there will be plenty of bad weather and the chance to take some moody landscape shots. So I thought I once again do something on texturizing foggy landscapes and enhancing/creating the unique atmosphere these kind of conditions have.
Following one of my first posts that dealt with texturizing fog Adding Mood and Fog with Textures  I want to show some additional techniques to process this kind of shots.

Recently I edited a bunch of pictures where I wanted to enhance the already moody atmosphere and was looking for other ways to use textures on them. After a lot of playing around I got the best results when using at least one texture in blending mode NORMAL.
All of these texture have a few things in common:

- they have a fine structure
- they have a more or less strong cloudy appearance
- they are rather light
- they are not very colorful

Let's start with my most recent picture. Here the effect is more sub…