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Time of Crows - smoothen a texture & a freebie

time for a new tip regarding the use of textures. Sometimes I produce textures that are rather very grungy, which is fine, but there is always the danger that these overpower a picture quite easily.
In cases that I want to use them but want to avoid them to get too dominant I simply rotate them and use lower opacities while processing.
Before I get to a step by step discription, here is the image I did texturize:

Texturizing the picture
One of the textures I wanted use on this picture has a really very strong grunge look: 
Whenever I like the general features of a texture, but think it's too strong I use it on several layers and low opacities and rotate it in 90° steps to make the existing structure/texture smoother. This has been better than using a blur tool, because I still have the texture's structure to work with.

You can download the texture here:

Crumpled Paint texture download

Photoshop Layers 

As you can see I ended up using two textures several times. The first …