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Spring Release

I am finally ready to present my new set of fineart textures, that I called

You get 25 high resolution textures for

€ 23.90 / app. US$ 30

Application Examples

In past couple of days / weeks I ws busy creating and testing these textures. If you were a visitor to one of my social media galleries you might have come across the one or the other picture I processed with these.

Anyway here are some picture examples:

Be creative!!
If you have any questions or suggestion please leave a comment!

Free Texture Wednesday VIII

Hello, I am busy working on a colorful Spring Texture Pack, which is about to be released in a few days. At the moment I am using them on a variety of new pictures and I must say I am enjoying what beautiful effect they have...

Anyway, all that creatting and testing kept me from posting, so I thought I give away one freebie that will be available in the Build Your Own Texture Pack.
Please click on the picture to download the texture from Picasa!

Aus Free textures

I used this texture on one of my forest fog pictures and it added to the already dense atmosphere:

As usual I also made a screen shot of the PS layers to show how I used the texture:

To get a rather strong texture effect I first used it in Multiply mode and then copied it and brightened up the whole picture using Soft Light at 30%. Because the Multiply layer made the tree trunks too dark I made a selection and added a layer mask at 50% to recover some light and detail on the trees.
By applying curves I enhanced the contrast a…