Book covers before and after comparison


as some of you might know, I am a contributor to various picture libraries.
When I started with photography it has always been a dream to see my creations used for book or music CD covers. Apart from some images I sold directly to customers most images were licensed through picture libraries.

There is my German library Westend61 that normally focusses on lifestyle imagery, but also distributes travel images as well as some of my more surreal works.

And two other libraries ARCANGEL IMAGES and TREVILLION IMAGES that distribute my more surreal and fantastic works. Both focus on the book cover and album cover market.

Despite the fact, that it is always nice to see one's work published, it is also quite interesting to see how these sold images were used and whether they were altered.

I chose some of my recent publishes covers and created a comparison between the original image and the actual cover. Hope you like this.

1. Westend61 covers

2. Arcangel Images Covers

3. Trevillion Ima…

Black Friday/Cyber Week 2019 Promotion & free texture


I will run a week long promotion of 25% on all my texture packs on my homepage. So, if you want to stock on textures and backgrounds now is the time to save money.

Texture Packs Coupon Code: BF2019

I also added one new free texture to my collection on Deviant Art It is called SAND Dune 

Sand Dune Download

Have a great day! Dirk

New free texture - Grunge Sky


I've just uploaded a new free texture to my Deviant Art account.

Download here: Grunge Sky

I have applied this texture on some of my images

All three times I first used the texture in MULTIPLY blend mode in photoshop to make the sky more interesting. In the case of the first image I made a copy of the texture layer and applied OVERLAY blend mode which made the effect more crisp and added contrast.
Hope you find the texture useful and if you have any questions, please use the comment section.
Have a nice day!

How to add snow to photos & a free falling snow overlay

sooner than we think it will be Winter and if we are lucky there will be snow. Unfortunately this isn't always the case where I live. So I decided to make some snow overlays to add to images, what the weather could not always deliver. :-)
I usually use jpg- overlays to add the snow flakes, it is one of the easiest ways.

Please see the before / after effect by moving your mouse over the image:

Here is another one 

In both cases I chose two of my snow overlays and placed them above the original image. I then set the blend mode to "SCREEN" and already had a convincing layer of snow flakes. One can always adjust the intensity of the snow fall by either lowering the opacity, adding a layer mask and erase parts of the overlay with a soft brush or experiment with other blend modes such as LIGHTEN or COLOR DODGE.
I also experimented with snow brushes that I created myself, but found that it is much easier once you have realistic looking overlays. 
If you want to experiment…

Free Textures resource for Designers and Photographers


I have a collection of free textures available on my DeviantArt account.

Find all of them here:


If you like you can download them and use them in your creative work. Would be nice if you link back to me, if possible.

I will be adding more in the following days/weeks.

Today I added this one:

 -->  Emerald Scratch Download

I used it in a recent image and it added all the grunge and mood I wanted to have! Please take a look at this 12s video and see how it worked out!

The second new free texture adds some grit & grain and a subtle red light leak to your images.

Grit and Grain 2 Download

Please use this texture in blend mode SCREEN or LIGHTEN in Photoshop.

Thee effects are light desaturation and additional distortions. You can lessen the effect by reducing the opacity or using a soft brush on a layer mask where you need less of the texture.

If you have questions, please comment on this post!


Night Shadows - Layer by Layer

I made short video showing a layer by layer development and turned day into night...

first the final image

and here is the video

I used some of my textures and enhanced the mist with some more fog using some of my

Cloud & Fog Brushes
Texture packs on my homepage are still 25% off with code CYBER 18 until November 30, 2018
Thanks for watching! Dirk

Making of Forest Walk - Applying textures and adding a glow effect - Update 2019

today I want to share how I processed an image that turned out to be quite nice, but on a second  look felt not good regarding its composition.

Here is the result that I like, but somehow knew wouldn't work

The Processing

I used one of my Lightroom presets to do the basic processing. I usually tweak this preset to adapt it to the image.

I decided to apply what is called the  "Orton-effect" to get a dreamy soft glow. You can find my tutorial on this technique here--> How to create the Orton Effect However I am going to introduce a variation on this technique, that works equally well. Instead of over exposing a copy of the original I set a copy of the image to 50% Screen, that brightened the image while still keeping the Orton glow. With an original size of 6000px x 4000px a gaussian Blur setting of 60 to 90px is necessary to achieve the effect. I settled at 75px. Please take a look at the Layers copy.

Orton effect - before/after  - please move over the image to s…