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Making of - STILLNESS & use of curves to colorize a picture


here I am with  another making of. I used an old foggy landscape to test some textures from the new texture pack to get an idea of their usefullness. I hope I can show how one can use a variety of textures while keeping the essential mood of a picture or even enhancing it.

As usual the before/after:

 I wanted to keep the moody hazy feeling of this shot, so I needed subtle textures.

Layers in PS

I chose 4 textures from the new Autumn Haze Pack, that were subtle enough, so that they won't overpower the overall impression of the image. Rose Mist was perfect, because it enhanced the grass red tones and made them glow. I think it is always worth while to seek out elements in a texture, that correspond with elements of the picture you work on.
I liked Never Ending Tale's subtle structure  and the two other textures I selected added great orange/yellow tones.
Although I took 4 textures and opted for more or  less strong opacity settings they in the end didn't dominate the…

New texture pack - AUTUMN HAZE

 I' have just released a new pack of fine art textures that I have developed over the past couple of weeks. The tones were inspired by the various autumn moods.
I already used these textures on some of my recent pics and hope they will be perfect for your photos as well.

You get 30 High-Res textures for 25,90€ here:

Autumn Haze Pack


With these new pack finished I can turn back to do some tuts. I am planning some cool formulas that should especially appeal to texture beginners.