fRee texTure WednesDay


I made so many new textures, that I thought, I can give some away for free, at least the ones that I didn't include in the Pick-your-own-texture gallery on my homepage.

So, here is the first one:
You can create cool painterly effects with this one!

Green pastel brush
Aus Free texture

Feel free to use it in your personal and commercial artwork, but do not claim it as your own and please no re-selling!
I have a texture group on flickr, it would be nice if you post your work over there, if you have an flickr account!


I used this texture on this picture

Summer Wave
Tip: to bring out the brush strokes more clearly I used two layers of the green pastel brush texture.
The first one was set at Colour Burn 47% opacity/ 55% fill and the second one at Vivid Light 17% opacity and 57% fill.
Doubling texure layers and using different blending modes works quite well.

Have a nice day!

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