Adding mood & fog with textures

today a short post on how I sometimes enhance and intensify an already misty scenery and how I added/ enhanced the picture's atmosphere.
Using textures is again a very simple way to achieve this.

Here's the final result:

Stranger in the Fog

And this is the picture I started with:

Original SOOC

I used two textures from my latest pack. One is a mixture of a cloudy sky and a wall, the other one has a green wood structure:


Green Bench

And here's how I used them in Photoshop:

Though the graphic suggests something different, I first added the cloud layer and was immediately satisfied with the result, because the fog became much more intense.
I wanted the whole picture to be a bit more spooky, so I decided to add a green texture. I also wanted to lessen the contrast between the green grass and the soft foggy part of the image.
The first green texture layer added structure to the picture, but did not so much with regards to the fog's colour, which appeared to be still very white. So I copied the layer and turned the blending mode to "Darken" which satisfied me, because the fog became a cool green glow. Unfortunately there was too much of the structure now. The solution was to blur this layer using Gaussian blur at 50% and I was close to my desired outcome.

Minor additions were:

- darkening the edges of the picture with a curves layer
- lighten up the fog by adjusting the levels
- finally I wanted to have a lighter green, which I achieved by extracting black out of the yellow          colour  with a Selective colour adjustment layer.

Now I had the picture that gave a quite good recollection of the mood I encountered on that early September morning at the river.

Thanks for reading!

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