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Seasons Greetings

Picture of a christmas tree on our Christmas market -  The man doing the handstand is actually a sculpture by Belgian artist Guillaume Bijl
Have a great time & thanks very much for all your support over the past year!!
See you in 2013!

Gentle Snowfall Overlay Freebie & how to apply it

Last post before Xmas,

over here we had our first taste of snow last week. At the moment it's back to normal, meaning rainy weather and roughly 5°C - 10°C...
I had the chance to take some wonderful winter landscapes in the sun and also shot while it was snowing quite heavily.
Still had no time to process some of these shots....

I thought it is about time for another freebie, so I made a snowfall overlay that is quite easy to use.
It looks like this:

Aus Free textures


How do I use this?  Overlays like the one above work best with blending modes like
- Screen - Lighten - Color Dodge
In these modes the  color black doesn't have any effect and only the light/white parts show up in your picture. 
Just play around and see what works best with your picture.

Recently I used this overlay on my picture 4 colors of winter. Please move over the picture to see a before/after of this picture. I also used two other textures tht you'll find here: Canvas Sprinkle and here: Cold Steel Both a…

Making of 11th month

Recently I kind of re-discovered my own Build Your Own Texture Pack and actually used some textures, that I had forgotten about.
Today's picture is once again some very moody autumn shot taken a few years back on a foggy November morning.
I am still waiting for similar weather, but "unfortunately" this year's November didn't offer these weather conditions over here....

Let's start with the finished image. Mouseover will reveal the picture that I imported in Photoshop.

Processing in Lightroom
I started with this RAW photo:

First I treated the exposure. I aimed at making it brighter avoiding to blow out the already light fog while retaining the soft silhouettes of the forest in the  background.  Then I wanted a different mood. I initially had a much colder atmosphere in mind, so I  initially went for a more bluish tone in the fog which I achieved with a colour temperature around 5000K.

This version didn't work for me, so I went in the opposite directi…

Sculpting Light & Freebie

it's been a while since I gave away a texture, but today I have a wonderful freebie that helps you add a nice vignette to your photos. I needed a texture for a close-up of a bird I shot on La Palma in March and I couldn't find one that I liked so I altered & changed an older texture.

To demonstrate what I did let me first start with a before and after of my photo:
Move the mouse over the pic to see the change!

I used two of my free textures - First a new one, that is the main texture in my picture:
Click on the picture to download it from Picasa!!
Aus Free textures
The other one is an older freebie, you'll find it here :
Click on the picture to download!

Aus Free textures To make it easier to follow how I processed this picture I'll post the Photoshop layers for your information:

The background was very bright, almost white, so I used the texture twice.
The multiply - layer added a subtle structure to the background. As it made my subject too dark I erased t…

Autumn texture promotion & fall impressions

I added some new textures (soft & grungy ones) to the build-your-own-texture-pack and also edited some of the existing textures and made them smoother and easier to work with.
You can take a look at them by following the above link.

You can also get a 15% discount on all textures by entering the coupon code

at the check out!!
This discount is only available until October 30, 2012!

Enough of promotion back to photos of autumn & its inspiring colors & moods:

All following pictures were processed using textures from one of my various packs.

Let's start with a shot I took last Sunday morning. When I became aware that I was unable to see a prominent TV tower on the hill outside of my window, I knew I had to get out to take some photos in the morning fog. This time I wasn't too lazy to take my tripod with me, so I am in some of the shots as well & of course could take longer exposures at a better ISO setting.

The light was fantastic with the rising sun…

Enhancing Fog, Moods and Atmospheres with Textures

with September already on its way and autumn & winter approaching there will be plenty of bad weather and the chance to take some moody landscape shots. So I thought I once again do something on texturizing foggy landscapes and enhancing/creating the unique atmosphere these kind of conditions have.
Following one of my first posts that dealt with texturizing fog Adding Mood and Fog with Textures  I want to show some additional techniques to process this kind of shots.

Recently I edited a bunch of pictures where I wanted to enhance the already moody atmosphere and was looking for other ways to use textures on them. After a lot of playing around I got the best results when using at least one texture in blending mode NORMAL.
All of these texture have a few things in common:

- they have a fine structure
- they have a more or less strong cloudy appearance
- they are rather light
- they are not very colorful

Let's start with my most recent picture. Here the effect is more sub…

underexposure & technical evolution

Hi, only a short post.
 I am always amazed to learn how much one can do with with todays processing software. You should never delete "too dark" underexposed picture. It is incredible how much detail & color can be salvaged with the help of Lightroon, GIMP and Photoshop (these are the ones I use). Nobody can say what more can be done with software in a few years from now!

Furthermore you can alter and change the mood and look of an image considerably with the help of textures!

Here is an eye-opening before & after:

I used some of my textures from my build-your-own-texture and a texture from the wonderful  DistressedJewell that you can find here: Free Textures.

Next I will post something on sculpting light with textures!!

Black and White Photos and texture use

today I want to share some examples concerning the use of textures on b&w / monochrome photos. It is my impression, that textures are less used on monochrome and especially black and white photos. Often I find myself reluctant to use a texture after I converted a color shot into b&w.
There are really awesome photographeres who only shoot/show b&w photos and I really admire their work. And almost noone uses a texture with them.
I never shoot in b&w, all my works are conversions into B&W of colour shots that I did either in Lightroom or in Photoshop.

I think I approach texturizing a b&w shot more reluctant, because I became aware that textures can overwhelm a b&w shot more easily than a colour photo. Still I think it is worthwhile playing around with textures and monochrome shots as well. I think I generally tend to use them more subtle.


This picture called for a more heavier use of texture. I first did the colored version, but thought the moo…

Texture Pack changes & free stuff!

Sorry for not posting more tutorials....I try to get one done in the next days!

Today I have to announce some changes to my texture packs:

First I have made a new medium priced texture pack with textures of medium size between 3000px and 4000px. Most of them were part of the "Build your own Pack" or of my" Texture Pack One". Now you can get 44 of them for 19,90€ which is a discount of about 40%. I also added some previously unreleased textures.

Here are some of them:

If you want to have a closer look, please follow the link :


Also I just finished two new textures that I like to share for free:

one with light from the left:

Aus Free textures and another very grungy one:

Aus Free textures I am always interested to know how you used them, so I would like to invite you to post them to my flickr group ( provided you're on flickr)

dyrkwyst texture + aRt

I  added a bunch of new textures to my build-your-own-texture-pack. You might want to t…

Free Texture Wednesday VII - use your imagination

Hi there, you already know that I love creating textures and of course love using them on my photos. Once in a while I get results (when creating a texture) that I find totally beautiful, but have no idea on what kind of photo this might be used for.

So, if you are more creative than I with this texture, please show me your final results!
If you are on Flickr, you can post your picture to my group dyrkwyst texture & art.

If you don't have a Flickr account, you can also send me a small version of your pic by email: wuestend1@

You can download the texture from my Picasa album. Please follow the link or click on the picture.

magic circle

Aus Free textures
So, use your imagination and start texturizing and show me what you come up with!
Have a nice week!
Thanks, Dirk

Texturizing Fog

Hello, today's post is all about mood. (How suitable for a monday...)
I came across some foggy landscapes that I shot in last autumn and now took the opportunity to process.
Texturizing soft foggy landscapes is a lesson in texture control. It quickly happens that one overpowers the picture by using powerful blending modes or very grungy & strong textures. So besides the reluctance with PS's adjusters one has to carefully choose the texture.
I found out that it works quite well with textures, that have a fine structure & don't have too much colour. So, you might have to alter the textures colour or reduce it to your liking.
Soft creamy tones are perfect.

What helps keeping the light mood & the atmosphere is using one texture layer in blending mode "normal". This will most likely be the texture that will be setting the tone & structure of your image. Additional texture layers will modify & tone your picture. 

I only used textures from my Soft-Gr…

Texturizing skies / New Texture Pack

I admit it - I have been lame and lazy concerning new blog posts. Today I am back with a new pack of handmade fine art textures, that were inspired by skies and summer colors. I decided to create some textures that can easily be used to spice up a dull white or blue cloudless sky.
So this is an addition to the post on texturizing negative space.

I love fair weather and can appreciate a cloudless sky, but  unfortunately they leave me with a rather uninspiring empty space too often.

All the following pics were processed using a texture from the new pack or from the last one (Soft grunge texture bag). This is the new one:


I have prepared a few examples to show you how these textures can be used with "empty skies". To see the difference you only have to move your mouse over the picture to see the un-processed version of the picture.

Picture 1

I wasn't satisfied with the tinted background, so I decided to convert it into b&w. Adding th…

Soft Grunge Texture Bag launched

I have been busy with creating textures lately and now I have finished the first of my Ready to Go texture packs. Take a closer look on my texture gallery or HERE.

So please check them out!

Some of the pics I processed with them:

Next time I will show you some texture creation in progress.

Thank you!

See you soon!