Texturizing Fog

Hello, today's post is all about mood. (How suitable for a monday...)
I came across some foggy landscapes that I shot in last autumn and now took the opportunity to process.
Texturizing soft foggy landscapes is a lesson in texture control. It quickly happens that one overpowers the picture by using powerful blending modes or very grungy & strong textures. So besides the reluctance with PS's adjusters one has to carefully choose the texture.
I found out that it works quite well with textures, that have a fine structure & don't have too much colour. So, you might have to alter the textures colour or reduce it to your liking.
Soft creamy tones are perfect.

Foggy River
What helps keeping the light mood & the atmosphere is using one texture layer in blending mode "normal". This will most likely be the texture that will be setting the tone & structure of your image. Additional texture layers will modify & tone your picture. 

I only used textures from my Soft-Grunge-Texture-Bag . They also work quite fine with vintage processing/ monochrome pictures, as you can see in the following pictures. 
These where processed in a similar fashion, except that I found them better in only one color.

Thanks for your attention!

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