Autumn texture promotion & fall impressions

I added some new textures (soft & grungy ones) to the build-your-own-texture-pack and also edited some of the existing textures and made them smoother and easier to work with.
You can take a look at them by following the above link.

You can also get a 15% discount on all textures by entering the coupon code


at the check out!!

This discount is only available until October 30, 2012!

Enough of promotion back to photos of autumn & its inspiring colors & moods:

All following pictures were processed using textures from one of my various packs.

Let's start with a shot I took last Sunday morning. When I became aware that I was unable to see a prominent TV tower on the hill outside of my window, I knew I had to get out to take some photos in the morning fog. This time I wasn't too lazy to take my tripod with me, so I am in some of the shots as well & of course could take longer exposures at a better ISO setting.

The light was fantastic with the rising sun coming through the trees. Still there was a light mist hanging in the forest. I also liked the contrast between the dark red leaves on the ground and the still green trees.

enjoying autum
After processing the picture in lightroom I used three of my newly added textures  to enhance the atmosphere. The textures I used were Gold Dust, Snake and Fog Screen. The latter one is perfect for strengthening already misty landscapes, forests with the blending mode set at "Normal". 
Please check the last post for more information!

As always, please have a look at a screenshot of the PF layers. 
The path in the foreground was missing some fallen red leaves, so I added some color on a separate layer above the background and painted it with a soft brush using the exact color of the leaves. To make it smoother I also applied a Gaussian blur (50%) on this layer.

Enjoying autum layers

 Some more autumn impressions:
Moody River

At the River
Autumn Morning Forest

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

Enjoy autumn!!!


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