Texture Pack changes & free stuff!

Sorry for not posting more tutorials....I try to get one done in the next days!

Today I have to announce some changes to my texture packs:

First I have made a new medium priced texture pack with textures of medium size between 3000px and 4000px. Most of them were part of the "Build your own Pack" or of my" Texture Pack One". Now you can get 44 of them for 19,90€ which is a discount of about 40%. I also added some previously unreleased textures.

Here are some of them:

Medium sized texture pack

If you want to have a closer look, please follow the link :


Also I just finished two new textures that I like to share for free:

one with light from the left:

Aus Free textures
and another very grungy one:

Aus Free textures
I am always interested to know how you used them, so I would like to invite you to post them to my flickr group ( provided you're on flickr)

dyrkwyst texture + aRt

I  added a bunch of new textures to my build-your-own-texture-pack. You might want to take a look at them at the end of the gallery. I also altered/re-sized o lot of the other textures, so they are at least 4000px wide or larger!

Have a great weekend!

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