Chandelier: A Quick Edit - with a vintage frame texture

sometimes I tend to overdo processing and I later have to take away layers and things I did, but other times I can surprise myself with a rather minimalistic approach.

Sometimes it is enough to work on colors or in the case at hand the right monochrome hues and only one texture to turn some seemingly ruined or unspectacular capture into something beautiful.

Please move your mouse over the picture to see a before/after of the image:


I think it is also worthwhile to post a screenshot of the unprocessed RAW-file:

I really liked the filigree web and the dew drops covering them, but there was so much chromatic aberration (or was it the light breaking in the water beads) that I thought nothing could be done to save this picture.

I finally made one last attempt and tried a b&w conversion in Lightroom. (see above picture for reference)

Processing on the converted picture was quite easy it took only one texture and some light and tones corrections to achieve the final look.

Here is a screenshot of the Photoshop layers:

I only needed one of my frames/old photos textures from my build-your-own-texture-pack
set at 100% Multiply and got my vintage look.

You can also find similar textures here: Vintage-Film-Photography-Pack

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*promotion ends May 31, 2015

Have a great weekend!

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