Color gradients and textures II

as mentioned before, I often use color gradients in my work. I must admit, that this is somehow inspired by my work for the app Stackables and of course by the possibilities gradients offer to enhance moods and atmospheres in pictures.

I have created a set of 30 color gradients, that I often use in my work and made it available to purchase on Creative Market here:


To demonstrate the effect two of these gradients have please have a look at the following images:

Unprocessed version

Morning Light Bare

Processing One

I wanted the light tones closer to the lawn in front to add a more coherent fell to the image. Please take a look at the Photoshop layers for this picture:

The gradient layer made all the difference in this - additionally I chose two textures to support the the tones of the image and enhance the fog a bit.

Textures are from AUTUMN HAZE PACK

Processing Two

In this I wanted the sky to have a warm orange/red tone that is more associated with a sunrise. Again the basic color mood was created with the help of a gradient. The added textures supported the overall color choice a mood.

Again, please check out the layers from Photoshop:

Textures are from AUTUMN HAZE PACK

I hope that you can get some inspiration out of this. Please search for other examples on my blog

There is still a discount of 25% on all textures using the coupon code BLACK14 on my home page until Dec 6, 2014:

Thanks for reading!

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