Stackables app release and midwinter promotion

Good Morning,

over last months I had the opportunity to contribute to an app that allows you to stack effects, such as textures, gradients, filters and geometric patterns on one another. This app has been released a few days ago and is now available in Apple's app-store. The funny thing is, that I am a newbie to smartphones and other modern mobile devices, but that couldn't hinder me contributing approximately 150 effects to the app.

If you want to know more on its features please go to:

So the one of the first things after I came to know that the app is now available was to order an iPhone. It came last Saturday and since yesterday I am taking pics & started to process some of them with the app.

I was very curious to see how it works and whether all the effects and texture formulas work the way I designed them on my iMac. Until now it is just as I imagined it, in some cases it even works better than I thought.


I took this picture of a soccer field in my neigbourhood yesterday and processed it with a formula called "Orange Day" and I must say, I really liked it. This formula consists of 11 layers - 9 of my textures and 2 of the gradients -.

soccer field
I am still amazed how great this came out. Anyway there is a lot more to discover, if you like you can find out for yourself.

I am going to post some more information and pictures over the next days, so stay tuned.

PROMOTION until Sunday February 23, 2014

To celebrate the release of the app I decided to give a 20% discount on all texture packs that are available on my homepage. All you have to do is to go to my

After making your purchase you have to fill in the coupon code


to benefit from the promotion. This promotion ends on Sunday February 23, 2014

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