Free Texture Wednesday VI

currently I am very busy creating a pack  of new textures. I am trying to make them easier to use. Which means, that I have to invest  more time and experimentation in their creation to make them better.
To bridge the time until I finally can release them, here's a  free texture, that I created in the process.


Orange Corner
Aus Free texture

Click on the texture or the link to download.

I used "Orange Corner" to process an old pic I shot on a trip to Madeira. Move over the picture to see a before/after.


Additionally I made a hardcopy of the layers in Photoshop. This didn't need much tweaking. I only used the texture on two layers. First to tone it a bit more yellow using multiply. that made it a bit too dark so I added a second layer of the texture and used the Vivid Light blend mode to make it brighter.


That's all for today!

See you soon.


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