Winter Texture - the gift of snow


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & will have a wonderful creative year 2012!!

I want to finish this year with a another free texture. It is called "The Gift of Snow".
It hasn't been snowing this Winter so far, so I had to rely on some pictures from last year when I made the texture.

The Gift of Snow
Download The Gift of Snow

I used the texture on this picture ( and I am planning to use it on a few more....)

Drifting Snow

A few words on the processing:

It was actually snowing and there was not much light, so it was an easy decision to change it into a monochrome picture. The conversion and the toning I did in Lightroom. Afterwards I opened the picture in Photoshop.

Drifting Snow Basis

For the finer structures & the painterly style I used this one:

Pale Green Paint

Layers in Photoshop:

There are two things that I want to point out.

1. I wanted a dreamy feel, so I decided to blur the right and the left side of the picture using the lens blur filter.

2. Both textures were quite easy to use, so I think I don't have to explain more on their use. The textures' colours made the picture too cold  and I didn't want to change their colour.
Instead I reduced the blue/green tones with the help of another copy of the basis picture using the color blend mode and finally was happy with the settings shown above.

See you in 2012!!!

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