Free Texture Wednesday 5 - Vintage Style

I am sorry, but I didn't have much time for a new blog post, because I had trouble with my internet connection and that had to be remedied first.

Therefore today there is a little tutorial & a free texture.

I think I found a good example for a texture, that makes a vintage look quite easy to achieve. and is also easy to use.  I created this lovely river scene with the dunes in the background. I took this picture last year during a trip to the south - west of France.

Vintage River

The texture:
Click on the picture to download full size!

Aus Free texture

Short tutorial:

As I mentioned before, this is quite easy to use. 

This is the original, that had quite vivid colours, but these are not necessary, it should work with all kind of pictures, but I think it is best with landscapes.

As always it is a game of playing around with some of the blending modes and other tools that Photoshop provides. I usually start with multiply and if this is too strong I change to soft light, both set at 50% opacity when I start. The first texture layer provided the basis for the vintage look. As you can see, I stuck to multiply and finally set the opacity to 64%.  The copy gave the clouds a soft yellow glow. After that it was only a little colour and light adjustment.

Hope you found this helpful.

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