03 March, 2017

New Scriptures Textures Pack out!

I finally decided to release a pack of textures that features some actual hand writing or some tweaked lettering and writing. I hope you find them useful and inspiring.

Scriptures cover

Selection of scripture textures

They are available from my homepage for just 15,00 €  here:

SCRIPTURES PACK from DirkWuestenhagenImagery

or from my CreativeMarket Shop for 16 US$ here:
Creativemarket.com - SCRIPTURES-20-fine-art-textures

Here are some images I processed with these new textures:


01 December, 2016

Using textures as backgrounds - Cyber Week Promo still on

Hello people,

I usually use my own textures and the ones I purchase from other artists to process my photographs, e.g. giving them a more painterly look or texturizing Negative Space.

Only recently I began to use them more as backgrounds for some more abstract works or still lives and such. So this short post's purpose is to show you how I created one of my abstract plant designs.

Have a look at this gif

For years I have a small Cycas palm plant that once in a while sprouts new leaves. A few years ago I captured these and forgot about the images. But recently I came across them while going throw my archives and decided that they might make a nice decorative abstract.

So I cut them out and copied the leaf I cut out and arranged them on three different layers. I didn't want to simply reflect them, so no symmetrical composition.

After some time of trying different textures I decided on Sky Dive as the main background. As these leaves seem to reach out onto something I had the idea to add a somewhat stylized sun, so I took the golden texture Scratches and masked all but a circle and had my sun.

As always a srennshot of the layers in PS:

After some minor light & contrast tweaks I had my abstract plant image.

Meanwhile I did a few more plant compositions, have a look:

Cyber week promo still on

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Thanks for reading!

24 November, 2016

Black Friday and Cyber week offer / Tutorial

it is that time of the year again to get the really good deals. So here is mine:

Save 20% on all texture packs for the next 10 days with Coupon code


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Promotion ends December 4, 2016

Over the last months I created some new texture packs that have a very painterly and also a nice soft grunge appeal. You get them here:

I also wanted to give you an insight how I textured one of my latest images. Please take a look at the animation below to get an idea of the changes through colouring with the help of a gradient map and the application of textures.

Over the Heart of the Forest


The original picture was taken on a particularly foggy morning last March. It was nothing more than a line of bare trees on a nearby hill. So I only had these trees and a milky white sky.
But this also left me enough space to work with brushes (the birds) color and textures.

Some of you might know that I also have gradients and bird brushes to offer, if you like you can find them here: DyrkWyst on CreativeMarket

Please have a look at the layers

The original file was shot in landscape format, but I wanted to have a bigger sky, so I made a square format (Canvas size) and expanded the sky with the help of Photoshop's Content Aware Scale tool.
I also removed some twigs in the foreground, as I found them too distracting.

I coloured the image with the help of a gradient map. It gave the sky the pastel pink tone and the darker trees the teal colours. I had to play around some time to achieve the right colours, but that is part of the fun.

Please have a look at the gradient's particular setting:

The canvas painterly effect was created with the help of a couple of my textures from the CANVAS-Texture-Pack. I chose some of the more neutral toned textures, because I didn't want the textures to have too much impact on the colours from the gradient layer. 

Finally I had to adjust the overall contrast with the help of curves and made some minor adjustments on the blue and pink hues. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

So, don't forget about the discount, if you are interested in any of my texture packs. 

Have a great time,


07 September, 2016

Autumn is here - Time for new texture packs


I am back with two new texture packs. I have released the first one a week ago and you can have a look at it here:

As you might conclude correctlythis is intended for your landscape shots, but they work on other formats quite good as well.

They measure 6000px x 4000px each at 300dpi

I used a variety of different materials to achieve these subtle light grunge textures. I shot walls and surfaces in Mallorca and Italy - so these still breathe some summer air...

You can get them over on my Homepage for 14,90€ / app. 16,90 US$


A while ago I started taking painting classes. Apart from some more or less interesting paintings and drawings I was able to derive some textures from my efforts. I assembled a pack of 20 textures, that are all based on painted canvases. Some are mixed with other materials as well, but I think the painterly surface is well preserved.
I used these on a variety of photos and I find them particularly helpful and beautiful when used on misty mood fall or winter landscapes and scenes.

Take a look:

 These textures are at least 4500px x 4500px, but most of them are 5000px x 5000px / 300dpi

This pack of 20 textures is only 15,90€ / app. 18.00 US$

You can find them on my homepage here:

Canvas Texture Pack

Some Examples:

Please move over the images to have a Before/After view!

Creeping Fog
Four Black Birds

For the coming 14 days you can purchase these textures with a discount of 20% by entering the coupon code 


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Offer ends September 21, 2016

Thanks very much!

08 July, 2016

Simple texturizing tutorial

I am back with a very simple tutorial for all you beginners just starting to work with textures.

I chose a portrait of a horse to make some essentials clear.

1st -  its best to take a photo, that has some negative space around your subject, in this case the snowy and misty background. This brings out the quality of the texture and you also avoid the texture spoiling the images's own texture.

2nd - chose one or two textures that complement the colors of your image.

3rd - if you are not satisfied with your choice keep trying other textures and settings! E.g. go through different blend modes & shift the position of your textures.

Before and after comparison - please move your mouse over the image


As you can see I have chosen two textures from my Vintage Film & Photography Pack

Here's a closer look at the two textures:

Baltic Sands

Eagle Eye

As usual, here's also a screenshot of the layers in PS to make things clear:

Layers Horse

The first layer "Baltic Sands" characterizes the image, adding a photo border as well as a vignette giving the whole photo a vintage look.

"Eagle Eye" was chosen because of its red/orange tones that are a perfect addition to the horse's fur color. I had to add a layer mask to prevent the darker parts of the horse to become unrecognizably dark. As you can see I erased parts of the texture covering the horse this way using a soft round brush a low opacity.

Do you have any questions?
Please drop me a line, I will try to help!

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Have a nice weekend!

06 May, 2016

MAYFAIR Discount & making of

after a quite long wait Spring has finally arrived where I live!
I wanted to celebrate its arrival with a discount on all of my


that are available on my homepage. 

Save 20% by entering the coupon code 


at the check out!

*discount is available from May 6, 2016 through May 15, 2016!

One of my images, that I processed with some of my textures:

Vintage Wheat Field
Some information concerning the processing of this image:

- I processed two separate shots in Lightroom and merged them to a vertical panorama in Photoshop
  this is what it looked like after that:

- I wasn't satisfied with the composition of the image, I need more sky! But instead of cropping it and making it smaller, I opted for Photoshop's Content-Aware Scale feature and cropped it to a square format.

- I already gave the picture a vintage look in Lightroom, but the addition of three textures from my 
Spring Release collection made it perfect.

Here is a look at the layers in Photoshop:

I applied a layer mask to the wax- texture, because it made the horizon too dark and the picture lost a lot of its depth. 

Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

24 March, 2016



although I am still waiting for real nice Spring weather I wanted to kick off the new season with a big


Save 20% on my texture packs from my homepage.
The coupon is valid through April 7, 2016 as far as you purchase s.th. for at least 5,00 €!!

All you have to do is to enter the coupon code  SPRING2016 at the check out.

You'll find my texture packs here: TEXTURE PACKS

Hope you have a wonderful easter holiday season!

Cherry Blossom Skies - before/after

Thanks very much!