03 November, 2015

FallMagic Promotion and Making of Tranquility


with my favorite time of the year in full swing I thought it about time for a promotion
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Go here for the textures:

This promotion ends November 17, 2015!


Please move over the image to see how the picture looked before.

At the moment I more and more experiment with the NORMAL blending mode. I want a texture cover certain parts of a picture. Sometimes I want to get rid of parts I don't' like or as was in the case of this picture, I wanted to lessen the original texture of the grass and the bushes/trees in the foreground of the image. There was too much contrast that irritated me  and took much away from the overall mystic misty atmosphere.

I searched for a texture that matched the tone of the unprocessed image and found it in the texture "Elefant" from the Autumn Haze Pack

The other textures were taken from the new October Moods Pack


21 October, 2015

October Moods - New pack of textures out!!

after some time I finally have finished a new pack of fine art textures!

is out!

You'll get 40 textures I created over past few months that range from soft grunge to distressed and are all of a more neutral mellow tone.

They are available for 28,90 € (+ VAT  within the EU) // app USD 33,00

Here's a first look at them:

Get them here: OCTOBER MOODS

Over the last time I have used them on some of my images here is a bunch of them with a before/after view if you move with your mouse over the picture:

1. Fainting
This is an example with some more heavy texturizing - I used Thunder at 93% Multiply and Vintage Scroll at 60% Soft Light to brighten the hole image a bit.

2. Pioneer
 Another example with a more subtle texture processing
I wanted to add some structure to the vast sky. It was achieved with these  textures:
Crumpled - 39% Multiply and Weeds in Ice - 41% Overlay


3. Silent Days

This hazy winter scene was captured at the end of last year on a very wet and hazy day. The texture is mainly visible in the background and I used Shell at 30% Multiply and First Frost with the same setting (30% Multiply)


These are only three of several images I have already processed with these textures You can find a gallery of these here:  October Moods Images
I think I will post many more images there and also do some tutorials with the new textures as well.

Thanks for now,


17 July, 2015

Creating a painterly landscape with textures & layer masks


I wanted to show yow how I changed a rather normal photo of a river scene with some fog into a pictureque & painterly work using textures.

Let me start with a before/ after view:
please move mouse over the picture!

River and Mist

As you can see I have achieved a very painting like look reminding one of dutch or french landscape painters of the 18th and 19th century.

While I was working on this picture it became evident, that I had to control or manipulate the light in this picture. I felt this image offered quite some possibilities to do this, because of the large area of diffuse fog glow in the sky.
 I used 5 different textures and they would have made it impossible to achieve this look, if I hadn't erased them in part with the help of layer masks in Photoshop.

Use of layer masks and textures

Please have a look at the processing with and without the layermasks, if you move yor mouse over the image you can see the result with layermasks.

Before and after layer masks

The light in the sky and on the river and on parts of the forest were darker, there were also more distracting elements of the "Deep Sea Currents" texture visible in the darker parts. By erasing parts of certain textures in the middle of the image I achieved a brighter and more varied light distribution that still appeared to be natura.

Please take a look at the layers

Use and effects of textures:

Deep Sea Currents: added alight blue hue and some subtle brush strokes in the darker areas. I erased most of it in the lighter foggy parts
Foggy Sea - I chose this, because it has a great canvas texture and a metallic glow
Sky Drama - I loved the orange/red tint it added to the greenish mid tones
Rome - wanted to add some clouds & a warmer tone to the sky - erased some of the dark cloud parts in the bright areas of the image
Coffee Clouds - Insentified the yellow tones in the brighter areas

Curves - I always play around with the final light and contrast which let to some
Selective Color adjstments - this is something that varies to personal tastes and is not always necessary.
I took these textures from the following two texture collection, that you can find here:

30 Fineart Textures "Spring Promise" and 25 Colorful Textures "Spring Release"

Thanks for reading & have a nice weekend!


04 July, 2015

Texture Bundle & Gradients & recent new work

some of you might know that I also have a texture shop over at Creative Market.com.
You'll find my shop here:

Dyrk's Texture Pit

Recently I put together a set of texture packages and gradients at a considerably reduced price.
You can save 50%!!!

These are the files contained in this bundle:

Please take a look here for more information:

Big Texture and Gradients Bundle

Some of  my new stuff:

More new works can be found here: New on my Homepage

Have a nice weekend!

22 June, 2015

Work in Progress: Creating a new texture III


it's been some time since I wrote something about creating my textures. A friend of mine, who is an abstract painter invited me to join one of his classes and I gladly accepted the invitation to learn a bit about working with a REAL brush.

I couldn't resist to utilize parts of my works for the creation of new textures, so excerpts of what I painted will show up in future textures...

So far I created about 5 textures that I really like and that work quite well with photos.

So here is one of them:

Negative Paint

I can't go into too much detail of how I finally arrived at this texture, because I think it would become to detailed and too long, but here's some insight into its creation:

Here are the basic photos I used:





So how did I arrive at the texture?
I started with picture 2. Its very grungy surface was the starting point and is actually a photo of the workroom floor.

2nd and 3rd layer was picture 3 that I blended with hard light and also rotated by 90° (3rd layer) - it led to some quite nice brush strokes and patterns.

4th and 5th layer consists of picture 3 this time I chose Multiply at a low setting (33%) - that made the whole thing darker and added some nice colors.

6th layer was picture no. 1. I really was curious to see how these letters would fit in. This time Darken (50%) was the best blending mode.

Unfortunately I didn't like the colors too much, so I just added an invert layer and liked the bluish tones much better that you can see now.

Still the resulting texture was much too grungy so I reduced the contrast with curves and worked on the tones in the blue channel.

I also made the whole texture a bit brighter (using Levels) and merged the whole thing to erase irritating parts of the texture. That meant cloning and copying parts as well as using Photoshop's Spot Healing Brush.

So far I am quite satisfied with the new textures. Still don't know when I will make them available though. Stay tuned....and see for yourself:

Processed with Negative Paint & 1 other texture:

You'll find my textures here:

Texture Packs

Thanks & have a nice day!

28 May, 2015

Sentinel OLD - Film Look and May Promotion still on until June 6, 2015

just a short reminder, that the May/June promotion is still on! It will be running until my B-day ....

Get 20% off of every texture package until June 6, 2015 using the coupon code


at the Check-Out!!

I like monochrome landscapes and the image I selected was quite some challenge to process. It had very strong contrast differences when I shot it and overall it turned out too dark. Nonetheless I wanted to shoot the lone tree standing on the mountain side. Because of all the dark rocks, the shadows and the very bright sky colours were not an option, so I decided on a b&w conversion in Lightroom, adding a light dark red tint to the shadows.

To add some texture and interest to the shadows I used two textures from the


because I thought this would be an ideal candidate for an old film look.


Processing with textures was quite easy as you can take from the screen shot of the layers in Photoshop:

That was all!


09 May, 2015

Chandelier: A Quick Edit - with a vintage frame texture

sometimes I tend to overdo processing and I later have to take away layers and things I did, but other times I can surprise myself with a rather minimalistic approach.

Sometimes it is enough to work on colors or in the case at hand the right monochrome hues and only one texture to turn some seemingly ruined or unspectacular capture into something beautiful.

Please move your mouse over the picture to see a before/after of the image:


I think it is also worthwhile to post a screenshot of the unprocessed RAW-file:

I really liked the filigree web and the dew drops covering them, but there was so much chromatic aberration (or was it the light breaking in the water beads) that I thought nothing could be done to save this picture.

I finally made one last attempt and tried a b&w conversion in Lightroom. (see above picture for reference)

Processing on the converted picture was quite easy it took only one texture and some light and tones corrections to achieve the final look.

Here is a screenshot of the Photoshop layers:

I only needed one of my frames/old photos textures from my build-your-own-texture-pack
set at 100% Multiply and got my vintage look.

You can also find similar textures here: Vintage-Film-Photography-Pack

Please don't forget there is still a 20% discount on all texture packs if you use the Coupon -- code

at the check out"

*promotion ends May 31, 2015

Have a great weekend!