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Sculpting Light & Freebie

it's been a while since I gave away a texture, but today I have a wonderful freebie that helps you add a nice vignette to your photos. I needed a texture for a close-up of a bird I shot on La Palma in March and I couldn't find one that I liked so I altered & changed an older texture.

To demonstrate what I did let me first start with a before and after of my photo:
Move the mouse over the pic to see the change!

I used two of my free textures - First a new one, that is the main texture in my picture:
Click on the picture to download it from Picasa!!
Aus Free textures
The other one is an older freebie, you'll find it here :
Click on the picture to download!

Aus Free textures To make it easier to follow how I processed this picture I'll post the Photoshop layers for your information:

The background was very bright, almost white, so I used the texture twice.
The multiply - layer added a subtle structure to the background. As it made my subject too dark I erased t…

Autumn texture promotion & fall impressions

I added some new textures (soft & grungy ones) to the build-your-own-texture-pack and also edited some of the existing textures and made them smoother and easier to work with.
You can take a look at them by following the above link.

You can also get a 15% discount on all textures by entering the coupon code

at the check out!!
This discount is only available until October 30, 2012!

Enough of promotion back to photos of autumn & its inspiring colors & moods:

All following pictures were processed using textures from one of my various packs.

Let's start with a shot I took last Sunday morning. When I became aware that I was unable to see a prominent TV tower on the hill outside of my window, I knew I had to get out to take some photos in the morning fog. This time I wasn't too lazy to take my tripod with me, so I am in some of the shots as well & of course could take longer exposures at a better ISO setting.

The light was fantastic with the rising sun…