20 June, 2012

Free Texture Wednesday VII - use your imagination

Hi there, you already know that I love creating textures and of course love using them on my photos. Once in a while I get results (when creating a texture) that I find totally beautiful, but have no idea on what kind of photo this might be used for.

So, if you are more creative than I with this texture, please show me your final results!
If you are on Flickr, you can post your picture to my group dyrkwyst texture & art.

If you don't have a Flickr account, you can also send me a small version of your pic by email: wuestend1@ yahoo.de

You can download the texture from my Picasa album. Please follow the link or click on the picture.

magic circle

Magic Circle
Aus Free textures

So, use your imagination and start texturizing and show me what you come up with!

Have a nice week!


11 June, 2012

Texturizing Fog

Hello, today's post is all about mood. (How suitable for a monday...)
I came across some foggy landscapes that I shot in last autumn and now took the opportunity to process.
Texturizing soft foggy landscapes is a lesson in texture control. It quickly happens that one overpowers the picture by using powerful blending modes or very grungy & strong textures. So besides the reluctance with PS's adjusters one has to carefully choose the texture.
I found out that it works quite well with textures, that have a fine structure & don't have too much colour. So, you might have to alter the textures colour or reduce it to your liking.
Soft creamy tones are perfect.

Foggy River
What helps keeping the light mood & the atmosphere is using one texture layer in blending mode "normal". This will most likely be the texture that will be setting the tone & structure of your image. Additional texture layers will modify & tone your picture. 

I only used textures from my Soft-Grunge-Texture-Bag . They also work quite fine with vintage processing/ monochrome pictures, as you can see in the following pictures. 
These where processed in a similar fashion, except that I found them better in only one color.

Thanks for your attention!

03 June, 2012

Texturizing skies / New Texture Pack

I admit it - I have been lame and lazy concerning new blog posts. Today I am back with a new pack of handmade fine art textures, that were inspired by skies and summer colors. I decided to create some textures that can easily be used to spice up a dull white or blue cloudless sky.
So this is an addition to the post on texturizing negative space.

I love fair weather and can appreciate a cloudless sky, but  unfortunately they leave me with a rather uninspiring empty space too often.

All the following pics were processed using a texture from the new pack or from the last one (Soft grunge texture bag). This is the new one:

dreamy skies & summer colors / 22.90€ /app. 28 US$

I have prepared a few examples to show you how these textures can be used with "empty skies". To see the difference you only have to move your mouse over the picture to see the un-processed version of the picture.

Picture 1

Bird Line

Bird Line Layers

I wasn't satisfied with the tinted background, so I decided to convert it into b&w. Adding the "Mint Sky - texture immediately turned it into a more interesting pic. Adding the free Shout- texture gave a nice soft grunge appearance as well as a light yellow tint. This yellow tint I decided to enhance with layer of a dark blue color. I like how the blending mode "Exclusion" makes the light tones more yellow while turning the dark ones slightly blue.
You can down load the shout texture here: SHOUT Texture

Picture 2     
Quiete Land

Picture 3
Rural Cliche

OK, this is a rather heavily textured photo, but I liked the result. That way I got a more balanced picture, I thought. But I leave that to your taste....

Picture 4

Finally one more subtle processing:
These are the two lighthouses in the volcanic south of La Palma, Canary Islands. The red & white one is still in operation, while the older and smaller one now serves as a little museum. We were there on a very clear and windy day. I chose a texture to spice up the sky a little bit. It was a fairly easy processing. I only had to straighten the lighthouses a little bit, because of the wide angle I used they were inclined to the left side. Then it was only one texture that I copied and the photo was done.
Faros de Fuencaliente, La Palma, Canary Islands

Thanks for your interest. I I try to be back with a new post sooner the next time.