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Winter Texture - the gift of snow


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & will have a wonderful creative year 2012!!

I want to finish this year with a another free texture. It is called "The Gift of Snow".
It hasn't been snowing this Winter so far, so I had to rely on some pictures from last year when I made the texture.

Download The Gift of Snow

I used the texture on this picture ( and I am planning to use it on a few more....)

A few words on the processing:

It was actually snowing and there was not much light, so it was an easy decision to change it into a monochrome picture. The conversion and the toning I did in Lightroom. Afterwards I opened the picture in Photoshop.

For the finer structures & the painterly style I used this one:

Layers in Photoshop:

There are two things that I want to point out.

1. I wanted a dreamy feel, so I decided to blur the right and the left side of the picture using the lens blur filter.

2. Both textures were quite easy to use, so I think I don't have to…

10 new textures in the pack.

I  added 10 new hight resolution textures to the build-your-own-texture-pack
Now you can pick out of 110 different textures.
These are the new ones:

I made them from photos of clouds, paper, books, walls and a leaves bokeh.

Crumpled paper was used on this picture:

green bokeh I used here:

thunderstorm I used here:

Tomorrow there will be a Xmas texture gift!

Free Texture Wednesday 5 - Vintage Style

I am sorry, but I didn't have much time for a new blog post, because I had trouble with my internet connection and that had to be remedied first.

Therefore today there is a little tutorial & a free texture.

I think I found a good example for a texture, that makes a vintage look quite easy to achieve. and is also easy to use.  I created this lovely river scene with the dunes in the background. I took this picture last year during a trip to the south - west of France.

The texture:
Click on the picture to download full size!

Aus Free texture

Short tutorial:
As I mentioned before, this is quite easy to use. 
This is the original, that had quite vivid colours, but these are not necessary, it should work with all kind of pictures, but I think it is best with landscapes.

As always it is a game of playing around with some of the blending modes and other tools that Photoshop provides. I usually start with multiply and if this is too strong I change to soft light, both set at 50% opacity …

Free Texture Wednesday IV

Wednesday again and this means another free texture. This one I made this morning using one that I didn't like any longer. It came out quite colourful, but see for yourself:

Download Rainbow Puddle

and I used it on this picture:

I reckon it is not an easy to use texture, but I think it looks cool on the picture I've chosen.

Have fun!

Check out my build-your-own-texture-pack

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On Friday there will be a new tutorial.

See you.