27 May, 2013

New Summer Haze texture pack & freebie


last week I finished a new texture pack, that you'll find here on my homepage:

It consists of 27 high resolution files from soft grunge to heavy grunge. You can get these 27 textures for only  23,90 €.

I kept the colours relatively neutral compared to the last pack, so you'll find they are suitable for a wide range of photos.

Summer Haze Textures

One of the textures, that didn't make it into the pack is
Starless Universe

You can download it for free from my G+ album of free textures:

Starless Universe


I used this texture on my lates picture, a lush forest scenery, and it made the green tones even more intensive:

Spring Rain Walk

Hope you have a nice week & thanks for reading!

23 May, 2013

Making of DESOLATION & new textures

Hi friends,
as you might have guessed because of my prolonged absence from my blog, I have been very busy and couldn't find the time for a new post. Today I am returning to announce a new pack of textures, that I have been playing around with for the last couple of weeks. I hope I becomes as well received as the last one and you'll be able to create beautiful pictures.

It consists of 27 high resolution textures and you can get it for € 23.90 / app. 30 US$

As mentioned before I processed various photos with some of these textures and today I'll give you a step by step account of one of my latest creations:


I used four textures of the new package to make it look that gritty. 


I took this photo some years back on a hike through the High Fens on a rainy and foggy November day. The weather, the withered grass and the dead trees were quite spooky. 
It also appeared like some lost & forgotten place where things decay, so the peeling paint texture came to mind and I started working on the photo.

As always here's a screen shot of the layers:

You can guess the evolution of the final result by checking the layers I added from bottom to top.

Tip: If you want to have the structure of a certain texture more dominant just double it and use different blending modes. In this case the stone brushes texture wasn't strong enough, so I first tried to use multiply at 100 %, but it got too dark. But combining a "Multiply"layer with a "Soft light" or "Overlay" layer  did the trick.

Thanks for reading.