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Frosty Morning - Selective Texturizing


today I have chosen a photo of a very frosty and cold winter morning from last year. It is a suitable example of how I texturize my pictures these days. I more & more use Photoshop's opportunities to selectively apply my textures using layer masks, different blending modes and gradients.  To keep it simple and for you to better follow what I have done, I have limited myself to essentially three easy techniques in this photo (usually it is a lot more work....)

The final result:

Creating a Vertorama

To create this view I stitched these two pictures in Photoshop and created a vertorama. Here are the two photos before I combined them in PS:

The vertical panorama that was the start for my further processing looked like this:

What I really like about stitching photos is, that you get a very large photo to work with. This is about 25 mp large!

Processing with Textures

There is no colour to speak of (and this is not a b&w conversion!) and the sky was just plain white or the …

Tutorial - How to create the Orton Effect

Hello to my first post this year!!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and will have a wonderful creative year 2012!

Let's start!

Every now and then I like to apply a trick that you can create in Photoshop to give your pictures a nice soft glow and somewhat out of focus look. It is called "Orton Effect".

I used the effect on this picture, because I wanted to add a sublte soft glow to the red grass. On other pictures the effect creates sometimes a dreamy atmosphere.

Here are two other pictures where I used it:

Tutorial: How to create the Orton Effect

Step 1:

First you have to copy your background picture.

 Step 2:

Then I go to Levels and brighten the copy of the background. I usually set the slider for the mid-tones up to about 1,5 and the slider for the highlights from 255 down to about 230.

That resulted in a much brighter overexposed copy:

Step 3:

Next you have to go to Filters - Blur - Gaussian Blur
I usually set the blur somewhere about 60 to 70 pixel.  And that …