Two Dark Images & May Flash Sale

Welcome to my re-designed blog...

I know, I have neglected this blog and I thought, that changing the layout and adding a SHOPs page ,where you can have easy access to my print shops and textures, would be a good start to get into posting on a more frequent basis.

So, let's start.

I wanted to show you two new pieces, that I have been working on today and yesterday evening.
I am always trying something new, new techniques or new interesting imagery. Often there is not much planning involved. In the case of these images I went through unprocessed material and then started to work following my imagination. One thing led to another and here we go....

In the first picture "One Tree Rock" I deleted a lot of elements with Photoshop's content aware spot healing brush and also used their content aware move tool to place the rock in the middle of the image. I used some of my textures from the Scriptures-Pack

One Tree Rock

In the 2nd picture I reflected the abandoned railway with its trees and put them on top. It was quiete triccky to get rid of some thick dark branches without making it too obvious. Anyway I like the idea of of someone making his/her way through sometimes dark and difficult parts.
The gritty look is achieved with the help of some of my textures from the November-Moods Pack

It's Never Over

Texture Flash Sale

Please visit my gallery of texture packs to get 25% off all my textures with coupon code 


Please enter code at the check out!

Sale ends May 28, 2017!!

Minimum purchase is 5 US$!!

If you run into any trouble downloading/ purchasing my textures you'll find a how to at the bottom of 
my build-your-own-texture-pack page here on this blog.

Or contact me!

Have a nice day.

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