Black Friday and Cyber week offer / Tutorial

it is that time of the year again to get the really good deals. So here is mine:

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Over the last months I created some new texture packs that have a very painterly and also a nice soft grunge appeal. You get them here:

I also wanted to give you an insight how I textured one of my latest images. Please take a look at the animation below to get an idea of the changes through colouring with the help of a gradient map and the application of textures.

Over the Heart of the Forest


The original picture was taken on a particularly foggy morning last March. It was nothing more than a line of bare trees on a nearby hill. So I only had these trees and a milky white sky.
But this also left me enough space to work with brushes (the birds) color and textures.

Some of you might know that I also have gradients and bird brushes to offer, if you like you can find them here: DyrkWyst on CreativeMarket

Please have a look at the layers

The original file was shot in landscape format, but I wanted to have a bigger sky, so I made a square format (Canvas size) and expanded the sky with the help of Photoshop's Content Aware Scale tool.
I also removed some twigs in the foreground, as I found them too distracting.

I coloured the image with the help of a gradient map. It gave the sky the pastel pink tone and the darker trees the teal colours. I had to play around some time to achieve the right colours, but that is part of the fun.

Please have a look at the gradient's particular setting:

The canvas painterly effect was created with the help of a couple of my textures from the CANVAS-Texture-Pack. I chose some of the more neutral toned textures, because I didn't want the textures to have too much impact on the colours from the gradient layer. 

Finally I had to adjust the overall contrast with the help of curves and made some minor adjustments on the blue and pink hues. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

So, don't forget about the discount, if you are interested in any of my texture packs. 

Have a great time,


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