Autumn is here - Time for new texture packs


I am back with two new texture packs. I have released the first one a week ago and you can have a look at it here:

As you might conclude correctlythis is intended for your landscape shots, but they work on other formats quite good as well.

They measure 6000px x 4000px each at 300dpi

I used a variety of different materials to achieve these subtle light grunge textures. I shot walls and surfaces in Mallorca and Italy - so these still breathe some summer air...

You can get them over on my Homepage for 14,90€ / app. 16,90 US$


A while ago I started taking painting classes. Apart from some more or less interesting paintings and drawings I was able to derive some textures from my efforts. I assembled a pack of 20 textures, that are all based on painted canvases. Some are mixed with other materials as well, but I think the painterly surface is well preserved.
I used these on a variety of photos and I find them particularly helpful and beautiful when used on misty mood fall or winter landscapes and scenes.

Take a look:

 These textures are at least 4500px x 4500px, but most of them are 5000px x 5000px / 300dpi

This pack of 20 textures is only 15,90€ / app. 18.00 US$

You can find them on my homepage here:

Canvas Texture Pack

Some Examples:

Please move over the images to have a Before/After view!

Creeping Fog
Four Black Birds

For the coming 14 days you can purchase these textures with a discount of 20% by entering the coupon code 


at the check out!!

Offer ends September 21, 2016

Thanks very much!

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