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Early Spring Day Recipe

Hello -
after shooting a lot outside in the snow or trying to take pictures in dense fog with occasional drizzle enhancing the blurriness of my pics, I browsed through my archives and found a shot I took on a sunny day in early spring a few years back.

Let me start with a before & after of the final result:

I wanted to get a vintage look with light almost pastel colors without losing the wonderful fluffy cloud so I first had to do something to keep the clouds that way.

Preparing the File

Instead of a lot of dodging & burning on the clouds I decided to make a HDR (picture 2) image from a single RAW-file that I wanted to blend with the image I exported from Lightroom (picture 1) to retain the clouds. I used a layer mask in Photoshop and erased the lower part of the picture with a soft brush.
(Please see layers)

The before picture o the mouseover is the result of blending these two versions.

Applying textures
The textures I used are all from my build-your-own-texture-pack. This ti…