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Time of Crows - smoothen a texture & a freebie

time for a new tip regarding the use of textures. Sometimes I produce textures that are rather very grungy, which is fine, but there is always the danger that these overpower a picture quite easily.
In cases that I want to use them but want to avoid them to get too dominant I simply rotate them and use lower opacities while processing.
Before I get to a step by step discription, here is the image I did texturize:

Texturizing the picture
One of the textures I wanted use on this picture has a really very strong grunge look: 
Whenever I like the general features of a texture, but think it's too strong I use it on several layers and low opacities and rotate it in 90° steps to make the existing structure/texture smoother. This has been better than using a blur tool, because I still have the texture's structure to work with.

You can download the texture here:

Crumpled Paint texture download

Photoshop Layers 

As you can see I ended up using two textures several times. The first …

Making of - STILLNESS & use of curves to colorize a picture


here I am with  another making of. I used an old foggy landscape to test some textures from the new texture pack to get an idea of their usefullness. I hope I can show how one can use a variety of textures while keeping the essential mood of a picture or even enhancing it.

As usual the before/after:

 I wanted to keep the moody hazy feeling of this shot, so I needed subtle textures.

Layers in PS

I chose 4 textures from the new Autumn Haze Pack, that were subtle enough, so that they won't overpower the overall impression of the image. Rose Mist was perfect, because it enhanced the grass red tones and made them glow. I think it is always worth while to seek out elements in a texture, that correspond with elements of the picture you work on.
I liked Never Ending Tale's subtle structure  and the two other textures I selected added great orange/yellow tones.
Although I took 4 textures and opted for more or  less strong opacity settings they in the end didn't dominate the…

New texture pack - AUTUMN HAZE

 I' have just released a new pack of fine art textures that I have developed over the past couple of weeks. The tones were inspired by the various autumn moods.
I already used these textures on some of my recent pics and hope they will be perfect for your photos as well.

You get 30 High-Res textures for 25,90€ here:

Autumn Haze Pack


With these new pack finished I can turn back to do some tuts. I am planning some cool formulas that should especially appeal to texture beginners.


Making OF: A Color Dream

Hi there,
I have been very busy working for clients over the past weeks, sadly I couldn't manage to write a new post because of that. But the job qualifies for a series of posts, but it is too early to say anything about it.

Today I wanted to demonstrate how you can colourize a picture with the use of (in this case) only three textures and of course with the aid of Photoshop.

Before/After view:

There is a lot of playing around involved if one tries to get a colourful picture with the help of textures. First you need suitable textures, primarily of strong colours that fit your subject and your taste and vision. With the picture in question I first made a selection of textures I liked and whose colours and textures/structures hopefully go well together.

I thought that because of the rather white foggy parts of the picture it would be easier to colorize the image.

I all depends on the blend modes one chooses.

I wanted to have a strong contrasting green against the red autumn leav…

Making of - the silence of the birds

Hello, has it really been over a month since my last post!?
I had the pleasur to visit some friends in Italy and I also had a lot to do, so there wasn't any time to squeeze in a blog post....

Anyway, today I wanted to give you another making of an image I processed a few days ago.

Let me start with a before/after picture:

Processing in Lightroom

I think it s best to show the unprocessed raw file to  give you an idea what I did in Lightroom.

I updated my old version 3.6. of Lightroom to the new 5.0 and I must say it really was worth the money. First I updated this older file to the new process version 2012 which gives you much finer means to process your raw-file.  I then copied the settings of a similar picture that I had processed before, inserted them and made a few colour and light adjustments.
To set the colour mood I used the toning tool, I used a yellow-green for the lights and an almost violet tone for the shadows.
Tthe new radial filter is really useful to enhance parts of …

Summer Promotion & Free texture Wednesday IX

Hello all - 
I'd like to start the summer with a discount on all of my texture packs.
Get a  15% discount with every purchase - you only have to type in the coupon code:
summer low
at the check out!

Build Your Own Texture Pack
Soft Grunge Texture Pack
Spring Release Pack
Summer Haze Pack
Medium Sized Textures

*minimum purchase to benefit from the discount is 5 € ! Promotion expires on July 31, 2013!

Free Texture: I must admit, that I havn't applied this one on any of my photos as yet - will try it soon...

Thanks! Dirk

Creating a texture - Part III

today I have another suggestion for you concerning the creation of textures.
Lately I enjoy combining different textures I shot and trying to make something unique and new.

This is what I created:

the Start

I'd like to show you the main principle of my technique that I applied here:

1. take a texture with a fine structure

2. take a texture with a  rather grungy structure

 3. something that you wouldn't normally associate with a texture

In this case I chose a picture of some pastel colored roses. I cut them out and placed them on one of the layers in Photoshop. I copied them over and over and arranged and positioned them until I liked the result. Here is what I started with:

Combining the pictures in Photoshop

As always its the easiest to show you the PS-layers:

I simply stopped after these four layers, because more wasn't neede to show the main principle.

Normally I go on adding layers of different textures, use PS-filters on some of the layers, add a layer mask and e…

Workflow - Vanishing World

Hello all -
today another insight into my workflow regarding foggy landscapes. The picture I chose dates back a few years and was taken on a very misty November morning.  I will show you how I

1. processed this in Lightroom
2. treated it in Photoshop

Before+after: Please move mouse over this picture!


OK, this morning I came across this picture. Apart from being rather dull and overexposed  at first glance, I thought that it had some potential, that I wanted to bring to shine...

There isn't really much to see and it was clear from the start, that I had to later crop it, meaning to change into a square format.
Regardless, I started working on the uncropped picture.
Most of the time I use presets in Lightroom  - either the ones I developed myself over time or I use some of the various free ones, that you can find on the internet.
If I like the tones I then start manipulating the contrast, sharpness and all other features that need correcting in my opinion. I also cropped the…

New Summer Haze texture pack & freebie


last week I finished a new texture pack, that you'll find here on my homepage:

Summer Haze Texture Pack
It consists of 27 high resolution files from soft grunge to heavy grunge. You can get these 27 textures for only  23,90 €.

I kept the colours relatively neutral compared to the last pack, so you'll find they are suitable for a wide range of photos.

One of the textures, that didn't make it into the pack is
Starless Universe

You can download it for free from my G+ album of free textures:

Making of DESOLATION & new textures

Hi friends, as you might have guessed because of my prolonged absence from my blog, I have been very busy and couldn't find the time for a new post. Today I am returning to announce a new pack of textures, that I have been playing around with for the last couple of weeks. I hope I becomes as well received as the last one and you'll be able to create beautiful pictures.

It consists of 27 high resolution textures and you can get it for € 23.90 / app. 30 US$


As mentioned before I processed various photos with some of these textures and today I'll give you a step by step account of one of my latest creations:

I used four textures of the new package to make it look that gritty. 
Stone brushed
TeRRa CottA
Stone Light Grunge
Peeling Paint Overlay

I took this photo some years back on a hike through the High Fens on a rainy and foggy November day. The weather, the withered grass and the dead trees were quite spooky.  It also appeared like some lost & forgotten …

Color Krazy + Freebie


last week I have finished a soon to be released sequel to my Spring Texture Pack. You already saw some pictures, that I processed with these, if you know my work from Flickr, 500px, Facebook Page or Google+.

But bef0re I release these there is an update of 10 textures to the Build Your Own Texture Pack.

Last Saturday we had a cold and rainy day, so I browsed through my pics and came across some colourful abstract, that I had completly forgotten about.

I found the colours so appealing, that I started playing around with this file and created 10 very colourful textures that I added to my

Build Your Own Texture Pack.

Here they are:

Get this 10 colorful textures for only € 9,90 !  Dimensions are 4000 x 4000 pixel.

I did a quick processing using wo of the textures on a foggy forest scene:

So it is also time for a free colourful texture, you can download it from my Flickr account here:


Hope you like this one and are inspired to use it!!


From Fountain to Texture: Making of a texture II

Hello all,

I thought it is about time to give another insight into my texture creating process.
But let me start with a picture that I used this texture on:

 Creating Misty Fountain Texture

It is one texture from the Spring Release Pack

It is based on  a shaky long exposure shot of a fountain I took a few years back. It wasn't really anything special:

I really liked the texture of the water and the colours and when I came across it recently, I decided to give it a try and started creating a texture.

First i had to ge rid of the dark parts of the construction, so I loaded the picture into Photoshop and began replacing these parts using the clone stamp and other tools until I got this:

Next thing was to do something about the colours and trying to get a more balanced structure. I decided to duplicate the layer and rotate it by 180°. With a opacity of 50% I got this:

Now I wanted to try to get a more uniform coloring. I thought using a colour gradient overlay might be the right choice…

bad dream - freebie & easter egg promotion

Hello all,
it is time for an easter tret. I my case this means a texture freebie.
I admit it is a quite grungy give away but works well on dark scenes.
As I was in the mood for some eerie dark work I applied it on this picture:

The texture is more or less b&w so it works quite well as an overlay. I often use these with blending modes such as Lighten, Screen or even Normal.
In fact I used the Lighten blending mode on this picture to add structures and some fake shadows to the darker areas.

Please click on the texture to download or on this link:

Dark Promise Download
Aus Free textures This texture is part of my pack of Medium Sized Textures that you can purchase over on my homepage now for a

20 % discount* if your enter the coupon code : EASTEREGGThis offer is valid thru April 16, 2013

*Discount code also works on all other texture packs, except on single texture downloads Be creative and have a wonderful holiday!!! Dirk

Making of - Contis - Plage on a cloudy Day

Hi all,
following yesterday's post I once again wanted to give you a step by step account on the processing of a picture.

This time it's

"Contis-Plage" on a Cloudy Day"

1. Processing in Lightroom 

I took the pictures that I used with my old Canon Ixus 70, so I had to deal with jpg-files, which limited my processing in Lightroom. Fortunately I took these shots with the intention of merging them together in Photoshop to get a bigger pic in the end.

Even though it wasn't a typical sunny day  I wanted to retain the holiday feeling and thought soft almost pastel tones might be the correct way to go.

The sharpness in this was quite good and there was no noise to speak of, so I didn't have to do any sharpening and only a bit of noise reduction after the processing.
Over all the pictures were much too dark andto bring up the darker middle tones. Additionally I used a gradient filter for the sky to darken the clouds a bit and to get more depth. I also pushed the…