The making of a texture & how I used it

Its autumn and I must admid I love the moods that light, fog and nature create in that season. I wanted to make a post about the creation of a texture and yesterday I found myself in a situation where I ended up altering a texture for a shot I took on a foggy morning last November.

It is a photo of an meanwhile dead hawthorne tree full of red berries.  Of course, the original file wasn't that colourful and I wanted to give a real warm autumn feel to it. So I made my first corrections in Lightroom enhancing the red of the berries and using the colouring tool to give it a yellow tint:

Lightroom export

I also felt that the foggy parts on the pic's left side lacked interest, so I searched my archives for a suitable texture but couldn't find one that I was completely satisfied with.

I chose a texture I started to make some time ago and made some adjustments & alterations to get the one I finally used. I originally started with the folllowing picture:


Of course, I wanted the texture to be much finer so I decided to make a copy of the background layer and rotated it by 180° and got this:

Two layers, 2nd rotated 180°

Now I had a much finer pattern. I decided to add two layers of brush strokes to make the picture lighter and add some more structure to it.

Brush strokes

I copied this layer and set the first layer at 80% opacity / 100% fill - soft light, the second layer settings were 20% opacity / 100 % fill - hard light resulting in this:

First version of texture

I found the greenish leaves & branches  in the upper right  and the down left corners disturbing so I used Photoshop's patch tool to soften them. I also adjusted the colours and enhanced the red and yellow tones. I also added a dark red border and was finally satisfied with my new texture:

Autumn Leaves Texture

This texture will be part of a new texture pack I am working on, but you can download a higher resolution version here: 
Download Autumn leaves texture

I'd love to see what you used it for. If you are a flickr member you can submit your work to my group

dyrkwyst texture central

Thanks for reading!

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