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the stArt

First of all: Though I am a German guy I am writing this in English. Many people know me from Flickr, most of them don't speak German, so I thought it might be better to write my posts in English.
That doesn't mean, that I won't be posting something in German as well!  ;-))

I am totally new to the blog-thing, but I thought I wanted give it a try. So, what do I want to do with it?
I want to present my texture work. I also like to show how I use them in my work, giving you an idea how I use them. Hopefully I can inspire you to try something with textures regarding your owm photos as well!

I am also planning to make a collection of tips & tricks regarding my and other peoples work with textures, so it's worth while checking this blog from time to time.

I also want to present my own texture creations. You can purchase them over at my website:

Dirk Wuestenhagen Imagery

Making of: " Silent Sorrow"

Let me start with a short tutorial on how I processed this picture:

Wild Ocean

Hi everybody,

this time I want to write a little bit about my pic "Wild Ocean" that I took a few years ago on a boat trip from Madeira to the island Porto Santo/Portugal. When I booked the passage I wasn't aware that Madeira was expecting a storm and that my trip would be a very bumpy one. As I am not afraid of a little rough sea I had a very diverting time on board of the ferry. I had a lot of fun trying to walk a straight line, but felt a little uncomfortable inside. So I went on deck and began taking pictures.
Besides trying not to stumble and fall I was preoccupied with keeping my camera & the lens more or less salt water free, but  as I said it was fun.

However, these kind of conditions rewarded me with some very cool and dramatic pictures of the sea and the islands.

In this post I want to give you a brief glimpse into my workflow, which isn't always that straight forward as the following description might suggest ;-).

Sometimes its stunning, that it takes …